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Oil and gas

Athon S/A offers to the market a wide range of products for fence, specific for these market segments.

With our Application Engineering we maintain a complete customer support service, from the qualification of the compound to be used up to the stage of monitoring the finished seal in the customer’s equipment.

We have been in these segments for more than 35 years with quality and mainly the reliability of our clients. If you have a fence problem, we have the most efficient solution to make it a reality.

Riser Protector

Seals for Special Applications

Stab Seal Lower / Superior - SS

Stab Seal Lower / Superior - SS

Selos Compostos HNBR 90 e VITON 90

Gaxetas de Teflon

Gaxetas Tipo “V”


Head Protector (Series 6)

Protector of the Temporary Abandonment Cover