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In order to gain recognition of the fence market, Athon invests in the quality of its products and also of its professionals. We always seek to meet the needs of our customers by offering products and services that are better and better. We count on the collaboration of the entire Athon team to always offer the best in systems for technical seal.

In this way, Athon has achieved solid and traditionally well-known status in the fence market.

The concern with product quality happens from the beginning – in the handling of the raw material – during the manufacturing process, to the final stage of product manufacture, thus ensuring the supply of high quality products to our customers, developing processes and solutions with differentiated service, while promoting the growth of the company and its employees.

The machines used in the production of each product are produced with specific steels for rubber molds, providing better product quality and less risk of deformation in the production process.

For Athon, Quality is the quest for excellence and should be a process that produces results.

Through its Quality Policy we involve all areas, teams, people, distributors and representatives, in a philosophy of Continuous Improvement. We invest in the awareness of our employees regarding the environment so that we can count on a future full of new achievements.